You Are About To Discover The Ultra Rare Secrets That Most Women Will Never Know About Men…I Will Show You How To Mesmerize Any Man, Get Him Addicted To You & Keep Him Around As Long As YOU Want Him

Get ready to learn exactly what to say and do with men which will make them feel an amazing connection with you to an extent where they would be literally addicted to you.

Before we get to it…Let me ask you.

Do you often find yourself confused over the subject of men & often wonder…

•Do you feel that you never find decent men & always have to settle for average ones? In fact! You believe that decent guys don’t exist anymore?

•Do you often wonder why men always lose interest in you after the first few dates…Yet you don’t know what to do about it?

•Do you ask yourself why your boyfriend/husband is avoiding you & feel that maybe they are losing interest in you with time? And you can’t figure out what you might have done which is causing this?

 •Do you feel like all men are almost the same to the extent where it really annoys you?

 •Have you ever been in a relationship where your man was just too scared to commit and you didn’t know how to make him commit?

 •Do you fear that your man might end up with someone else…Or worse, cheat on you? If you find any of these situations familiar then I would say sit tight & carefully read this page. In fact, Let me make you a promise…Read this page word by word and it will be impossible for you to look at men & relationships in the same way again.

Here is the big news…

You aren’t the only woman facing these issues. Lot’s of other women get these kinds of questions when dealing with men and relationships. There are thousands of women who are silently crying out because they just can’t figure men out. They find themselves confused & frustrated over things men say and do. Let me be brutally honest here…The major reason why women constantly face these issues is because they don’t understand the core male psychology…In other words – They do not understand why men do what they do. Did you know that you already have everything it takes to make a man literally feel addicted to you? Yup! That’s right… You already have everything it takes to make him feel constant love for you and get him to do almost anything you want him even if you currently believe it’s utterly impossible. I will show you how to get endless love, admiration, respect & attention you truly deserve from a man. I can almost see you shaking your head with disbelief right now…But trust me on this one. What you are about to discover next will dramatically change your dating life, get you married to the man of your dreams even if he is scared to commit or amplify your lovers interest in you if it appears to be completely dead. I can personally guarantee….this will….without a doubt… the most important message you’ll ever read! I strongly urge you not to skip any parts of this page and read it to its very last word.

Are You Facing Any Of The Following Situations…

 I would like to ask you a few questions here…See if you relate – Have you ever come across a man who seemed perfect relationship material but after a few dates you could tell that he just didn’t feel the same level of attraction as you felt for him? And you really wanted to take things to the next level…But for some reason…He didn’t show a similar intention and you didn’t know what to do about it? Or Do you often struggle to keep a man’s interest for long? Have you ever slept with a guy too soon only to realize that he has almost disappeared from your life for no apparent reason? And does it happen a lot even when you know it shouldn’t be happening? Or Are you in a relationship where you just don’t know how to get him to commit further & take it to the next level? And you always ask yourself- “Why isn’t MY RELATIONSHIP moving forward? Every time you try to bring up this subject he always avoids the topic and acts overly distant & withdrawn to the point where you fear he might leave you? And finally… Are you in a relationship or married to a man who is sort of pulling away and losing interest in you…Or has already broken up & you want to get him back? Are you feeling absolutely helpless and frustrated because you want to make him understand how much you want to be with him but for some reason he doesn’t see that?

 It doesn’t matter…

If you find it hard to keep a man interested after the first few dates or want him to pop the question & marry you or are just having trouble in your marriage & want him to feel the same level of attraction for you as he did in the past. I am going to show you exactly how to keep your man close to you and inspire that side inside him which will keep him utterly convinced that you are the only woman for him. The method I am about to reveal isn’t based on bookish theory or guesswork. Its real world field-tested techniques which are proven to work every single time. Just keep reading…

The Real Truth Behind –

 Why So Many Women Find It Difficult To Understand Men…

 To answer this in a single sentence I would say – “Men just aren’t easy to figure out for most women”. In fact! Majority of women have absolutely no idea what goes on in a man’s mind. I am sure that in case you are going through any of the above-mentioned situations…Then you are definitely struggling to understand men. But hey…I am not blaming you for it. We don’t come to this world with an instruction manual as to how to manage this stuff…We aren’t taught relationships in school or college. This is primarily the major reason why so many women struggle in this area of life. Therefore, it isn’t really your fault.

But Here is The Worst Part…

“Most women go all over the place seeking advice & often end up in a worse situation (In fact! This is the main thing which could ruin your chances with a man without you even knowing it…)” If you are like most women…I am sure you discuss your relationship issues with your friends and ask them for relationship advice or worse you follow the advice on one of those popular woman’s Tv shows. Let me be direct here! Your friends aren’t going through what you are going through…So asking them for advice can harm you big time. And even worse is following the advice on those popular woman’s tv shows.

Let me assure you that those shows are made by women…For women…And are purely based on assumptions about men…NOT FACTS! Let me repeat…They are based on assumptions…Not FACTS! Ever heard advice like… In order to entice a man you must…Be nice to him…Dress sexy…Give him what he wants etc etc? Well if this was true…Then millions of women out there will have no trouble getting what they expect out of their man and will never have any relationship trouble. But both you and I know that it’s not true. If it was…You won’t be here reading this page right now.

 Seriously…Don’t get me wrong here! The advice you are getting from these sources might only make your situation worse. And Here Is The Strange Thing…

 It’s funny to see how women actually freak out the moment a man doesn’t follow his usual routine…For example – Have you ever seen a woman get extremely stressed because her man didn’t call her for 2 days when he usually used to call daily? And she assumed he has lost interest in her… When in reality the man lost his cell phone & was stressed over it? Or Have you ever come across a wife who thought her husband was cheating on her only because he was acting a bit distant & not being his usual self? When in reality he was worried over a work project deadline & was extremely stressed due to which he was acting this way?

 I can give you hundreds of everyday examples like this…But I think you get my point. What you may assume about a man may be completely opposite to the reality of the situation. And this just goes to show you how confused some women really are over the subject of men.

 Why Men “AVOID” Certain Women And “CHASE” The Rest…

 Have you ever wondered why men run after certain women and avoid the rest? Why some women have no trouble attracting and keeping any guy they please while others try extremely hard yet always struggle? Why is it that some women can easily get their man to commit while others are scared of even talking about commitment? Why is it that some women know how to get what they truly want from their man while others always complain about how their partner doesn’t understand their needs? Now you might say…That they’re just lucky…But that’s not true. These women understand something about men which majority of women out there have no idea about. Do you know that every man has a collection of attraction switches…And the moment you trigger these switches you can literally make him dance to your tunes? Once you understand how to use these triggers…You can have his undying love and devotion for the rest of your life. This powerful ability will cause men to be super interested in you even if you aren’t most beautiful or smartest woman out there.

How Do I Know All This…And Why Should You Listen To Me?

 You must be thinking…Who the heck is this guy making all these big claims? I guess we haven’t had our official introduction yet so here goes… My name is  Peter tembo…And I am what most would call a  the young young Pastor. I have helped people  from all walks of life with the help  of God calling.

 I am sure you might be wondering…How do I know all this? Well because I am a guy & I have been through all the situations a woman would normally go through. Sounds funny huh? I know I know! But wait…I haven’t told you the whole story yet! I have been through all these relationship situations but from the other side. Which means the male side…It’s a bit embarrassing but I must admit! I’ve been the guy who got scared, got distant the moment his girl asked him to commit. I’ve been the guy who has used all the lame excuses to get rid of a girl. I am the guy what most women define as “THE ULTIMATE JERK”. Ok enough! I think you get my point here. But let me share a secret which might be a bit hard to believe-

 Men don’t do this on purpose…In fact! Most men don’t even know that what they’re doing can hurt women so much. And here is another secret – Do you know the lamest excuse men use when they aren’t sure about a woman? It’s something like- “I am not ready for a serious relationship right now…” Well guess what? When men tell women they aren’t ready for a relationship…They’re lying. The truth is that they aren’t ready for a relationship with that “PARTICULAR WOMAN”. This is the reason why there are so many men who would say they just aren’t ready for a relationship to a certain woman and end up marrying another woman within a month. Sounds weird right?

 You might think some men are just screwed up…Even crazy. But it’s very logical…Let me tell you why. Men say no when they don’t really feel that deep inner emotional urge to be with a woman. In other words…When there isn’t enough attraction he will always pull away sooner or later. So is there something you can do to change his mind? The answer is absolutely YES. Do you know that it’s very simple to give a man that inner gut feeling which tells him that you are the only one for him? Keep reading & I will show step-by-step…How it’s done… A Harsh Fact… The harsh fact is that 95% of the women out there will never have the kind of success they desire with men. Let’s face it! Most women are clueless when it comes to men. They rely on luck because they don’t know what to do. And even worse they make no real effort to work on this area of their life. They sort of sit back and take what they get. They live in the false idea that some day they’re going to magically find the man of their dreams and life will be smooth. But it doesn’t work this way. Nothing would work out by itself…Success with men boils down to having the skills on what actions to take. And unless you have those skills you will always struggle.

 How To Become That One-In-A-Million Woman A Man Would Do Anything To Be With…

 After years of research and studying successful couples…I started to realize that women who were successful with men…Weren’t just plain lucky or doing it by accident. In fact! They were doing certain things over and over. And these were the things which were getting these men to feel strong attraction for them. The more I saw this the more I began to think that I had stumbled upon something big. But here is the tricky part…None of this was actually obvious or common sense. In fact! Most women aren’t even aware of this. And the interesting fact was – What most women believe would make a man attracted to them actually pushes him away. So in other words most women are jumping a ladder which is leaning against the wrong wall. What they believe will make the man want them actually ends up making him avoid them. This was like one of those real “aha” moments…I had finally discovered the key to the lock. I figured that any woman who understands these secrets has no trouble…

•Making men hopelessly fall in love with her. •Making any man do almost anything to please her.

 •Getting what they want from a man without even trying.

 •Making a man want to spend his whole life with her. On the other hand…Women who don’t understand this often… •Think all men are jerks.

 •Find men become distant & withdrawn with time.

•Always end up in a situation where their partner takes them for granted & they don’t get the respect they deserve. •Always find themselves in the company of the wrong kind of a man who treats them like crap.

 •Always struggle to make the man commit.

So are you ready to learn & make the man of your dreams fall hopelessly in love with you? Just keep reading… This Stuff Works Amazingly Well… I have the ultimate secrets to making any woman land the guy of her dreams and keep him for good. Since I cannot help you face-to-face…I’ve done the next best thing. I have put my magic secrets into an easy to follow step-by-step manual. Every aspect from getting a man to feel endless attraction for you…To getting him to commit even if he is reluctant to do so has been covered with great detail. These secrets are so important that, if ignored, will shatter your chances of ever getting good with men. Trust me! This is one chance you can’t afford to miss…These are the secrets which are not taught in any class, discussed in any book or shared anywhere else. It’s an absolute must know for you…Period. So are you ready?

 Here’s Some Solid Proof That My Stuff Works…Pay Close Attention Here… Let me show you a small sample of how powerful this stuff can be…I guarantee that what you are about do discover now is about to change everything you have ever heard, seen or tried. I am going to share one of my rare techniques any woman can use to get her man to return her phone calls in case he is giving her the silent treatment or is acting distant for no reason. Before I tell you how this works…Let me first illustrate how most women actually do it…And how it hurts their chances…

The approach most women take actually makes the man get even more distant…For example…here are the kind of messages women leave when their man isn’t returning their phone call…

 “Please call me…This is really freaking me out…Why are you avoiding me like this? What have I done?” Or “Matt please call me back…This is the 5th time I am calling you. Please…I really have to talk to you…Will be waiting for your call. Bye.”

And the worst of it all…

 “Matt…This is an emergency…Please call me as soon as you get this.” Do you know that as humans we always want more of everything we can’t easily have? So in other words…We pursue what retreats from us. And we often don’t really put much value on things which are easy to get? Therefore so far you have been too easy for him…Due to which he is taking you for granted & isn’t answering your calls. What I am about to show you next…Will not only triple his interest levels in you but will also make him chase you around like crazy. Ready? This is the message I want you to leave on his answering machine – “Dammit you have your answering machine on? This was important…Anyway listen up! This really interesting thing happened today…I am bursting with excitement…I was going up to…” And then hang up! By hanging up and leaving the message in between you have created this strange sort of tension which will push the man to call you back right away…This is what he would think – What interesting thing is she talking about? And what is she so excited over? I really should have taken this call…Why did she hang up all of a sudden? I think I should call her now… The Next Very Important Step – Now you will see magic unfold right in front of your eyes…I want you to listen very closely here…The guy who was trying to avoid you all this time will be literally begging to have your attention. After you have sent the above message your partner will most probably call you back to know what you really had to tell him…And this is where it gets interesting. The moment he calls and asks you about it…Say – Hey! I am sorry…I am in a bit of a hurry right now. Got to go…Will call you later. Bye. Then hang up. And do not call him for the next few days…And even if he calls…Avoid his calls or keep it really short by letting him know that you are super busy and won’t be able to talk. Now do you know what you have done? Well…surprise surprise! Before your man was avoiding your calls and wasn’t even interested in talking…But now you have triggered his emotions to such an extent that he would be almost driven nuts about you. He would find it hard to relax over the fact that you had to tell him something but never did. And why would this work? Well humans have a tendency to desire what they can’t have…And that desire turns into a burning obsession with time. I am sure you have heard of the great saying which goes- “Keep them hungry and they will keep coming back”. Therefore, now you have made your man extremely hungry and he will keep coming back for more until you satisfy his hunger. I am sure you are real excited by now…

why dont you give me acomment for the effort done abale inu iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

God is good

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